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Inflatable Coat Hangers

$12.99 inc GST NZD

Inflatable coat hangers – your light-wieght answer to dry and crinkle-free clothing whilst travelling. Simply inflate to use then deflate and foldaway.

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Many hotel and accommodation rooms only have one or two coathangers these days… and obviously due to people stealing them, they make them so you can only pull out the hanger frame minus the hook. But what if you want to hang dry a top you’ve just washed in the bathroom basin by the window?

Inflatable coathangers are your answer! Just inflate, use, deflate and pack away. Great for drying tops or dresses on, or even hanging those shirts you just freshly ironed with the Travel Iron.


  • 2 x inflatable plastic coathangers with metal hooks
  • Light weight and compact
  • Mouthpiece contains a special valve to prevent air loss
  • Drip dry garments for the freshly ironed look
  • Speeds up drying time
  • Useful as spare hangers
  • Rounded edges prevent “hanger indents”
Weight105 kg


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