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Mosquito Net (Long Life) – Compact Double

$65.00 inc GST NZD

This mosquito net is small and lightweight (379g). The net is designed to be as compact as possible without compromising on safety.

It is big enough to enclose 2 people for use on a double bed or extra generous for one person.

The unpacked dimensions are 240L x 170W x 130H and the mosquito net packs down to 10.5cm x 19cm without compression.


In stock

A mosquito net is a staple for many travellers, especially those who will be in regions where mosquito-borne diseases are common.

Worldwise has a range of equip mosquito nets available for purchase.

Equip Mosquito nets are of the highest quality and are dust and flame retardant.

PermaNet is the first and only World Health Organisation accredited Long Life Insect Net (LLIN) available in Australia and New Zealand.

This LLIN treatment will last for the lifetime of the net.

A mosquito net can help prevent the threat of diseases such as zika virus, malaria, dengue and ross river fever.

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