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Pegless Clothesline

$7.90 inc GST NZD

An ingenious, go-anywhere clothesline that does not need pegs.

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Not only are kettles, basin plugs, and coathangers going out of fashion in hotels and other accommodation, so too are the little pull-out string washing lines they used to have over the bath tub.

All this to direct you to spend money with the hotel laundry facilities. And that’s OK, but, for those that are on a tight budget or only want to wash a couple of pairs of undies, there is another option… the pegless clothesline!

It’s seriously awesome not only in hotels but also to take away on camping or boating trips.


  • Convenient, light weight and compact elastic line that stretches to over 3 metres
  • No pegs required – the elastic line twists around itself to suspend garments
  • Instant hanging space in any location
  • Durable elastic with metal hooks on each end
  • Anchor each end by looping the hook around a solid object eg: Verandah / boat rail, doorknob, tree, and attach the hook back into the line. Loop the line around the solid object many times if necessary to make the line taut
  • To dry garments, hang them into the twists in the line

Perfect for hanging up sarongs, creating a curtain over curtainless windows (sometimes you just never know what type of room you will get in different locations!)

Weight45 kg


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