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SteriPEN Classic 3

$189.00 inc GST NZD

Safe drinking water Anywhere. Anytime!

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The Steripen Classic 3 with 40-micron pre-filter is the latest, most versatile model in our award winning Classic line, it offers enhanced ergonomics and battery life as well as improved water resistance.

An 8,000 treatment lamp delivers a lifetime of purification.

Use four AA alkaline batteries to purify 50 liters of water or four lithium batteries to purify 150 liters.

Includes a neoprene storage pouch. Batteries not included.

Kit includes-
Neoprene pouch, pre-filter.

Weight (oz)6
Battery type4 AA (not included)
Number of liters per set of battery20/80-100/150
Number of liters per chargeAlkaline batteries: approx. 50 liters per set (depending on water quality). NiMH performance varies by mAh rating: 2300 provides about 100 liters. Lithium are the most economical choice.
Lamp life8000 activations
Volume options1       click = 0.5 liter, 2 clicks = 1 liter

Effective against microorganisms For solo use Suitable for small groups up to 3 people Suitable for clear water only Suitable for cloudy water For more frequent use For daily or very frequent use Lightweight and portable for on-the-go adventures Lightweight and portable for on-the-go adventures

Weight178 kg

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