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Travel Jug

$109.99 inc GST NZD

Boil your water quickly and efficiently with this lightweight Travel Kettle.


This Travel Jug with two cups is perfect for travelling with.

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Increasingly, we are noticing that hotels across Europe and the UK are no longer offering tea & coffee making facilities in their rooms.

Save a few extra Euros a day by making your own cuppa with this lightweight Travel Kettle. It’s dual voltage, quiet and comes with two cups.

The Travel Jug with 2 cups is perfect for travelling with.



  • 450ml capacity fills two ample cups (included)
  • Automatic safety cut out
  • Reset button and on/off light
  • Lightweight (400g) and compact
  • Dual voltage – works quickly and efficiently on either 120 or 240 volts
Weight572 kg


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