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Water Boiler

$47.80 inc GST NZD

Lightwieght and fast way to boil your waterwhilst travelling. Have safe drinking water with this efficient electric water boiler.

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Love to have a cuppa but after something even smaller than the ‘Travel Kettle’?

This old favourite is the perfect solution for a space saving way to boil your water as you travel. Thiselectric Water Boiler product boils a cup of water in approximately three minutes, just prop the spacer guard on the edge of your full cup, plug it in and and turn on.

  • Thermal cut-out to prevent overheating
  • New spacer guard for added safety
  • Boils a cup of water in approximately three minutes on 240 volts
  • Light weight and space saving
  • NOTE: In 110V countries (like USA, Canada, Japan) boiling time is significantly slower due to the lower power input


  • Perfect for use in hotel and cruise ship rooms
  • Water purification by boiling your water
  • Just purchase a cheap mug once you reach your destination to use on your travels
  • Save money on tea and coffee expenses
  • Use to boil water for instant noodles when travelling through Asia
Weight204 kg


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