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Group Travel

We are the travel health advisors to many groups leaving from New Zealand to travel the globe.

If you are travelling with a group or team, it is important to ensure you receive accurate information on any travel health, safety and security risks that you may encounter whilst travelling overseas.

We advise many travelling groups such as Sporting Organisations, School Groups, Guided Tours, or Film, Television & Music Production crews, and expeditions. If your group are all well and healthy, you can avoid problems like:

  • Disruptions to the group’s daily schedules
  • Difficulty in organising emergency medical treatment (particularly if in remote locations)
  • Increased risk of disease spreading throughout the whole group
  • Sports games and competitions may be cancelled due to players becoming ill

We believe it is important that all groups receive consistent advice therefore, we offer pre-travel group consultations. Ask us about this service, for we may be able to come to you to present ‘travel health and safety issues’ that may arise on the journey.

In addition, we can provide a general outline of what may be recommended for the group, and refine exactly what each individual would require based on their individual medical history.

We have the considerable experience and flexibility to cater to individual group requirements and our group travel services include:

  • Group presentations on travel health safety and security issues relating to travelling employees
  • Individual comprehensive travel health consultations
  • Group travel health consultations for humanitarian travellers
  • Administration of the full range of travel vaccinations including, but not exclusive of: Yellow Fever, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, TB, Hep A, Typhoid
  • The provision of anti-malarial medications
  • An International Health Regulation Vaccination passport
  • An extensive collection of standard and tailor made travel medical kits including an authorisation certificate and information booklet
  • An Efficient immunisation recall system for all employees
  • Standard and Customised medical examinations designed to meet company health and safety requirements
  • Post travel Disease –  management of illness in the unwell returned traveller

We are New Zealand’s travel health specialists offering expertise and services to prevent health concerns abroad so travelling groups can remain healthy whilst overseas.

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