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Independent Travel

You've booked your tickets and now you need advice on how to stay healthy whilst abroad. We can advise you on Travel Vaccinations, Malarial & Safety information.

Group Travel

If you're travelling with a group, it's important to ensure you receive accurate information on travel health, safety & security risks that you may encounter.

Business Travel

Corporate employers are responsible for managing the health & safety of their employees whilst overseas. We have the expertise and can cater to any company requirements.

Humanitarian Travel

Humanitarian workers are some of the most 'at-risk' travellers out there. We have the skills to help you correctly manage your health & safety whilst abroad.

Returning Home unwell

If you have developed symptoms of illness whilst travelling or upon return, it's important to get a check up with one of our specialised Travel Doctors.

Medical Kits

All travellers are advised to carry a medical kit with them. We supply a wide range of travel medical kits tailored for specific destinations and situations.

Medical Examinations

We offer a range of medical assessments relating to travel such as Immigration, pre-employment, Dive and Seafarer Medicals.

Travel Health FAQ’s

Here you will find some answers to frequently asked questions relating to our travel health consultations and travel vaccinations.

Useful Resources

Here you will find some links to useful travel health, vaccination and expedition websites that we find interesting.




May 2016

This is a travel medicine conference that is out of the ordinary. Combining continuous learning with leisure provides participants with an opportunity to explore the diverse culture, history and environment of Japan.
The 4 day conference held over 8 days will conform to appropriate MOPS requirements.

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Amazon Adventure

28 October - 17 November 2015

An incredible 20 day journey through the Amazon jungle of Brazil incorporating a wilderness and expedition medicine course. A hands-on experience in a challenging environment

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Worldwise New Zealand Travel Medicine 2015

3-5 July 2015

A 3-day Travel Medicine Conference with options for all health professionals with some travel medicine experience, including an Outdoor Medicine Day. This is being held at the Ascot Hotel Greenlane

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