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Humanitarian Travel

Humanitarian workers are some of the most ‘at-risk’ travellers out there for the majority of their travel is to third world, isolated destinations and at times to natural disaster areas where disease is rife.

Travel to these areas can often be at very short notice, therefore not allowing time for full and appropriate pre-vaccination courses to be completed.

Humanitarian workers have a job to do so cannot afford to fall ill.

Humanitarian employers are responsible for managing the health and safety of their employees whilst overseas.

“This includes prior knowledge of the risks an employee is likely to face in particular locations, including health, security precautions, travel vaccinations and medications.”
- Evan Slade, Department of Labour NZ.

Correctly managing the health risks of travelling employees can significantly reduce productivity loss and avoid:

  • Illness -personal health and safety
  • Personal psychological stress
  • Repatriation costs
  • Disruption to major projects

We have the flexibility to cater to individual company requirements, whether the nature of the business requires short or long term stay, or permanent relocation of employees and their families and our Humanitarian travel services include:

  • Group presentations on travel health safety and security issues relating to travelling employees
  • Individual comprehensive travel health consultations
  • Group travel health consultations for humanitarian travellers
  • Administration of the full range of travel vaccinations including, but not exclusive of: Yellow Fever, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, TB, Hep A, Typhoid
  • The provision of anti-malarial medications
  • An International Health Regulation Vaccination passport
  • An extensive collection of standard and tailor made travel medical kits including an authorisation certificate and information booklet
  • An Efficient immunisation recall system for all employees
  • Standard and Customised medical examinations designed to meet company health and safety requirements
  • Post travel Disease –  management of illness in the unwell returned traveller

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