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Please note, we are unable to provide vaccination advice or carry out a consultation via phone or email.
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Independent Travel

Great! You have planned your trip overseas and now you need advice and information on staying healthy whilst away.

Worldwise is your 'One, Stop, Shop' for all your travel health needs. Our Travel Health Specialists offer up to date Travel Health and Vaccination advice tailored to your itinerary.

We will give you all the appropriate information for an informed choice about personal travel health risks to be made.


When to book an appointment:

We recommend you make an appointment with one of our Clinics at least 6- 8 weeks before travel.

Some travel vaccinations require a number of doses, and it is good to start them well before you travel. This is also a good time to check out any medications that you may need to prevent malaria.

It is never too late to get updates or advice for your travel. We are here to help you get as much information as we can for a safe and healthy trip overseas.


How to prepare for your visit:

Before specific advice and recommendations can be given to you, we will need you to bring your detailed itinerary to your appointment. It helps us to know:

Exactly where you are going

How long you are going to be there

Whether you will be travelling in rural or urban areas

The kind of accommodation you plan to live in

Any activities you plan to do

If you have not finalised your itinerary, having a consultation with us is still a wise option as it will provide you with an awareness of risks in your destination areas.

Please also bring with you:

Knowledge of any previous vaccinations. Past vaccination booklet or plunket book

Knowledge of your medical conditions, medications and allergies


What happens during the consultation:

When you arrive, we will give you a form to fill out providing us with all the necessary details we need to know.

You will then be seen by one of our Travel Health Specialists who will go through your itinerary and medical history and consult you from there.

We will provide you with the necessary information pamphlets to take away and once advised, you decide which Travel vaccinations (if any) you wish to go ahead with.

We can provide you with a vaccination record booklet


It’s not just about Vaccinations:

Your Comprehensive Pre-Travel Consultation will include advice on:

Risks and latest health alert updates for the destination areas

Safety and Security issues

Water purification

Food and vector borne diseases

Antimalarial information

Travel insurance

In flight safety

Travel related first aid advice

Medical kit information

Altitude sickness (AMS)

Children’s and women’s health issues where appropriate


How much time to allow:

Our full Comprehensive Pre-Travel Consultation goes for approximately 45-60 minutes.

After any vaccination, we recommend you remain in the clinic for 20 minutes


Consultation alternatives:

Some of our clinics provide various consultation options focusing on particular vaccinations or antimalarials. Please contact your nearest Worldwise clinic for more information.

If you are nowhere near our clinics, we have a number of medical associations who are members of our health professional online service. This means that they are updated with current travel health information and can advise you accordingly. They may not be registered to administer all travel vaccinations however (eg:Yellow Fever), so it’s good to check before going to them.


Why we are unable to tell you what you need over the phone

As you can see, it is more involved than just a list of vaccinations. Many other aspects are assessed including a full revision of your itinerary and individual medical history to determine the ‘travel health and safety issues’ relating to you.

The people answering the phones are our fantastic receptionists and medico legally, are not able to offer any medical advice. What they CAN do is let you know about how our clinic’s work and book an appointment for you

We are privately owned clinics and not government funded – Our Travel Health Specialists spend their day with clients and are unavailable to provide a phone consultation service.


Advantages of coming to us

Expert advice from trained Travel Health Specialists constantly updated in Travel Health issues

Yellow Fever registered clinics

Provider of all travel vaccines and anti-malarial medication

‘ONE-STOP-SHOP’ for Consultation, Vaccination, Medication and Travel-related product

Travel Medicine is our specialty



Our consultation costs vary depending on what type you have. For more information on this please contact one of your nearest WORLDWISE clinics.

Specific vaccines vary in price, ranging individually between $60 – $200+

Medications, including antimalarials are priced competitively and costs are dependant on choice and duration of treatment.

We see your health as vitally important and consider this a form of health insurance. Travel is spoilt if you become unwell!

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