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Medical Kits

All travellers are advised to carry a medical kit with them.

We supply a wide range of travel medical kits tailored for specific destinations and situations. You don't need to worry about a whole lot of prescriptions and choosing what to pack in your kit because we've done it for you. Every kit contains an instruction booklet and medical authorisation.

Whether you would like an individual medical kit or a tailored group kit, we can create it for you.

WORLDWISE have a long history and experience of making specialised medical kits for particular project groups such as film and television crews, seafarers and expedition teams.

 For more information on this service, please contact us.

Medico legally, medical kits containing prescription medicines cannot be dispensed without consultation and therefore are not available to be purchased online. Recommendations for medical kit medications can, however, be made so please contact us .

Your GP can also order any of our kits and prescribe them to you.

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